April Fishing Reports Florida

April Fishing Report, Tampa Florida

Now this is the month when fishing gets really good! April is the month when the water temperatures get in the upper 70s and the fish feed very well.  The redfish and snook are thick and in the ponds and it’s not unheard of to catch 40 plus fish in a few short hours.

Catching Big Redfish

“The big redfish are definitely around. We are catching them on live bait and when we chum, they are showing themselves quickly!” explains Shaw. With these species being particularly responsive.

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Mangrove Snapper + Grouper Bite

This is also the time of the year that the mangrove snapper start showing up thick on the nearshore reefs. There is also a lot of groupers around on the reefs and even though they are out of season, they are really fun to catch and take a picture with. Catching grouper is like playing tough a war with a fish. When a grouper hits you know it’s a grouper.  We still have sheepshead and hog fish hanging around the reefs, but they will start to thin out as the month comes to an end. 

Another great fish to catch the kingfish are right off the beach. These fish pull a lot of drag and can get up to thirty pounds. They school in big groups so when we find the schools its a ton of fun when they jump out the water. 

Spanish Mackerel

When it comes Tampa Bay the Spanish Mackel are in big numbers and are all over the south side of the bay. these fish pull and are a lot of fast action.  

Recent Cobia Sightings

We also are seeing some cobia in the bay on the inside reefs. It is a random bite of luck, but they will get thicker to be able to target as we get later into April and into May. Cobia is a great eating fish and are big enough to feed an entire family multiple times.

Gearing Up for Tarpon

If you’re looking to catch a monster Tarpon aka the silver king. They are starting to show up in big number but won’t have a really high catch rate till the month of May. We still catch them in April but it’s on more of a random occurrence.

Make sure you book your tarpon trip for May and June soon because we are limited on dates to catch them as they are a migratory fish.

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