Shallow Water Grouper Fishing

Shallow Water Gag Grouper Fishing Trips Florida

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Come experience some of the best Grouper Fishing Florida has to offer!

One of the most unique and exciting things about west coast Florida angling is shallow water grouper fishing!

In the fall months starting in late September the Gag Grouper move into the shallow water bays of the nature coast of Florida.

Florida is renowned for its incredible fishing opportunities, and one of the most sought-after species by anglers is the grouper. With its delicious taste and challenging fight, Florida grouper fishing is a thrilling adventure for both novice and experienced anglers.

3/4 Day – 6 Hours

Up to 4 Anglers

$600 – $900

1-2 Anglers: $700

3 Anglers: $800

4 Anglers: $900


Such a fun way to catch grouper in less the 20 feet of water.

Grouper Species in Florida

Florida is home to several species of grouper, each with unique characteristics and habitats. The most common grouper species you’ll encounter include:

Gag Grouper: These are known for their distinctive coloring with dark, rectangular patches on their sides.

Red Grouper: Recognizable by their reddish hue and elongated body.

Black Grouper: These are generally dark brown to black in color with a squared-off tail.

Goliath Grouper: The largest of the groupers, they can reach incredibly massive sizes.

At one point we stopped over a deep water crevice and when my brother Mike started letting his bait down, he got a hit that he described as the best hit of his life and Mike has been fishing for over 60 years.

Crystal River Florida Grouper Fishing Trips

Shallow water grouper trips typically last about six to eight hours and don’t worry if we catch our limit of grouper before that there are a many other species we can try to catch to fill up the ice box even more. 


Best time to catch Gag Grouper is from the start of June to the end of December in Florida.<\/h3>\n


We provide the most professional & friendly fishing charters available, book now let’s get out on the water!<\/p><\/div>\n<\/div><\/div><\/div><\/div><\/div><\/div>“

We provide the most professional & friendly fishing charters available, book now let’s get out on the water!