Florida Fishing Trips & Packages

Florida Fishing Charters and Trip Pricing

Florida Fishing Trips, Packages & Pricing

Welcome to the sunny shores of Tampa, Florida, where the Gulf Coast’s waters teem with a rich variety of sought-after fish species, promising both novice and seasoned anglers an unforgettable saltwater fishing expedition.

If you’re yearning for a thrilling catch, look no further than Florida Fishing Co., where Captain Randall and his tailor-made Florida fishing packages await you and your guests.

Finding the Best Florida Fishing Charter for Your Next Trip

Planning your next Florida fishing adventure and not sure where to start? Finding the right charter is key to making your trip unforgettable, whether you’re introducing friends to the sport, planning a fun-filled family day on the water, or a seasoned group of anglers chasing that trophy catch. With so many options, it’s all about matching your group’s vibe and fishing expectations with the perfect charter and professional guide.

Let’s dive into how to pick the best fishing trip for your group, ensuring your trip to the coast is nothing short of spectacular.

Learn more as we reel in all the details on the various charters Florida has to offer!

Fishing Experience Matters:

Captain Randall, with over a decade of experience navigating the Gulf Coast, has become a trusted name in the fishing community. His expertise and passion for fishing guarantee not just a trip but an exciting experience where where you’re not only chasing the big catch but learning and appreciating the art of fishing.

What Can We Catch in Florida?:

Whether you’re aiming for the acrobatic tarpon, the elusive snook, the steadfast redfish, trout, the formidable grouper, snapper, or more, Captain Randall’s fishing packages cater to individual anglers looking for excitement and challenges. Each trip is meticulously planned to offer the best fishing spots, techniques, and opportunities to land your dream catch.

What is the Average cost of a Florida Fishing Charter?

The average cost of a Florida fishing charter varies widely depending on what you want to do and how many friends you bring along. From $400 for a solo inshore fishing trip to $800 for a group of four targeting Gag Grouper, there’s a range of options to fit different budgets and interests. Just remember, bigger groups tend to lower the cost per angler, so it’s worth inviting a few buddies along for the ride.

If you’re planning a fishing charter in Florida, you’re probably curious about how much it’s going to set you back. Let’s dive straight into the numbers, no fluff, just what you need to know.

Florida Mangrove Snapper Fishing Trips

Inshore Trout & Redfish Trips

For those looking to hit the inshore waters for Speckled trout or redfish trips?, where you can target a variety of species all year round, it starts at $400 for a solo angler and bumps up to $600 if you’re bringing a party of four. It seems the more, the merrier—and slightly more cost-effective per person.

Nearshore Grouper Trips

Got your eyes on a mighty Gag Grouper fishing trip? These trips are a bit seasonal, running from September to November.

A duo can expect to pay $600, while a group of four will be looking at $800.

Tarpon Fishing Trips

Florida Tarpon fishing trips, a favorite for many between April and July, starts at $600 for one angler and goes up to $800 for two. It looks like there’s no room for larger parties in this adventure, so keep it intimate if tarpon is what you’re after.

Florida Scallop Trips

And if you’re thinking of something a bit different, like a Florida Scalloping Trip during July to September, that’s only an option for groups of four to six, costing $400 and $500, respectively. A great deal if you’re looking to combine some fun in the sun with your fishing trip.

Florida Fishing Trip Pricing

# AnglersInshore Fishing (all-year)Gag Grouper (Sep-Nov)Tarpon Fishing (Apr-July)Scallop Trip
(July -Sep)
1 Angler$400N/A$600N/A
2 Anglers$450$600$800N/A
3 Anglers$500$700N/AN/A
4 Anglers$600$800N/A$400
6 AnglersN/AN/AN/A$500
Florida Snapper Fishing Charters

Where to See More:

Curious about what awaits? Visit landedfishing.com or check out his fishing videos on YouTube. Witness firsthand the exhilarating experiences of fellow anglers fishing around the Gulf coast, and the impressive hauls. These stories are not just testimonials but a window into the adventures that could be yours.

Why Choose Us:

Choosing Florida Fishing Co. means opting for a personalized adventure. Captain Randall’s extensive knowledge of the coastal waters of Florida ensures you’re in the right spots at the right times, maximizing your chances of a successful day out on the water. Our fishing trips are more than a service; they’re an immersive experience into the world of saltwater fishing, guided by one of the best in the business.

Book Early:

Our trips are in high demand, filling up quickly due to the personalized and successful experiences we provide. To secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, early booking is highly advised. Don’t miss the chance to be guided by Captain Randall, a true fishing aficionado, who will make your trip not just a fishing journey but a treasure trove of memories to last a lifetime.

Ready for the Thrill?

With Florida Fishing Co., you’re not just planning a fishing trip; you’re setting the stage for adventure, where the warm Gulf waters open opportunities for the catch you’ve been dreaming about. Contact us today to book your Florida fishing package and embark on an exciting, fish-filled journey with Captain Randall at the helm.

Whether you’re looking to test your skills against some of the most exciting fish species or simply wish to enjoy the beautiful Tampa coastal waters, your perfect fishing adventure awaits.