Fishing Trips on Florida’s Central West Coast

Meet Captain Randall

Explore the Gulf with Captain Randall, a seasoned angler guiding unforgettable fishing trips. Watch his adventures and tips on Landed Fishing’s videos to see why he’s the go-to guide for both novice and expert fishermen.

We invite you to come visit us and explore the rich waters of St. Petersburg and beyond

With intimate knowledge of local hotspots, updated fishing reports, and expertise in various fishing techniques, Captain Randall works hard to make sure each trip is spectacular. Highlights include Bradenton’s inshore fishing, Boca Grande’s tarpon season, family-friendly Fort De Soto fishing, and the rich fishing grounds from Cedar Key to Englewood. Choosing a fishing trip with Captain Randall means not just fishing, but an immersive experience, tailored to meet the preferences of anglers at any skill level.

Discover the Thrill: Fishing on Florida’s Central West Coast

From Tampa to Boca Grande, Captain Randall offers unforgettable fishing charters on Florida’s Central West Coast, providing a variety of fishing opportunities and thrilling angling experiences in and around Anna Maria Island. From inshore waters to the legendary tarpon battles of Boca Grande, Florida Fishing Company caters to both seasoned fishermen and families seeking fun in the Florida sun.

Welcome to the Angler’s Paradise: Anna Maria

Florida’s Central West Coast is a treasure trove for anglers, offering some of the most thrilling and exciting fishing opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a family looking for a fun-filled vacation activity, Captain Randall’s fishing charters around the Anna Maria area can be your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. From the inshore waters of Bradenton to the legendary tarpon battles of Boca Grande, every trip is a new story waiting to be told.

Catching Cobia off Florida's west coast

Anna Maria Fishing Trips: A Gateway to the Gulf

Our Anna Maria Island fishing charters are unlike any other from leaving the dock to arriving back on shore. Florida’s coastal waters are teeming with a wide variety of saltwater fish, making every outing a potential catch-of-a-lifetime story.

Whether you’re looking to cast your line in the Old Tampa Bay flats or exploring the Manatee River fishing spots, Captain Randall ensures that your Anna Maria fishing trip is nothing short of spectacular.

Bradenton Inshore Fishing: Master the Mangroves

Captain Randall’s expertise in navigating the maze of mangrove islands and shallow flats in Bradenton transforms every inshore fishing trip into a journey to hidden hotspots teeming with snook, redfish, and trout.

His knowledge of these waters ensures that you are fishing in the most promising locations, at the optimal times. With Captain Randall at the helm, every cast is an opportunity for a success story, highlighting his unparalleled ability to catch fish in the area.

Fishing Florida's West Coast

Florida Fishing Reports: Your Insight into the Action

Timing is important when planning a fishing trip to Florida’s West Coast, especially if you’re aiming to catch specific species. Captain Randall excels in this aspect, leveraging the latest Florida fishing reports, as well as his own experience out on the water to pinpoint the optimal times for targeting the fish species his guests are looking for.

He plans each charter to coincide with peak activity periods, improving your chances of landing the catch. Being at the right place at the right time is important and his proactive approach ensures that you’ll be put on some fish.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico - Florida Fishing Company

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing: The Silver King Awaits

For many, the highlight of Florida’s fishing calendar is the Boca Grande tarpon season. These mighty fish, often referred to as the Silver King, offer an angling challenge like no other.

Joining a charter that specializes in Boca Grande tarpon fishing is your best bet to experience the thrill of battling these giants, a true test of skill and determination.

Crystal River Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Company

Fort De Soto Fishing: A Family Adventure

Fort De Soto fishing is perfect for families and beginners. Fishing the park’s piers and shorelines offer easy access to productive fishing grounds, where you can catch a variety of species while remaining close to shore.

It’s also a great way to introduce kids to fishing, with scenic views and calm waters that make for a relaxing day out.

Grouper Fishing Charters Tampa Florida - Florida Fishing Company

Exploring Sarasota’s Fishing Treasures

In the quest for local favorites, Sarasota emerges as a prime destination, boasting an array of fishing experiences.

Sarasota offers anglers the chance to engage in the thrilling pursuit of sea trout, an activity that promises both fun and rewarding catches for novices and seasoned anglers alike.

Whether you’re navigating the inshore waters or venturing into the deeper realms offshore, Sarasota stands out as a beacon for those seeking memorable fishing adventures and bountiful hauls.

Why Choose Florida Fishing Company?

Choosing Anna Maria Island fishing charters with Captain Randall means more than just fishing; it’s the full experience of Florida’s saltwater fishing. With trips tailored to your preferences, from exciting inshore excursions to incredible nearshore adventures, every moment of your trip is designed to be memorable. Whether it’s your first time holding a fishing rod or you’re a seasoned pro, Captain Randall’s expertise, passion, and local knowledge ensure your Florida fishing adventure will be truly remarkable.

We do hope you keep us in mind when you begin planning your next vacation to Florida’s Central West Coast. Don’t miss the chance to experience the best fishing the Gulf has to offer with Captain Randall. It’s not just a fishing trip; it’s an adventure that you and your family will treasure for years to come.