June Fishing Report

June Grouper Bite Homosassa Florida

Florida Grouper Homosassa Florida
The Gag Grouper is biting this June, and what better way to spend your time than out on the shallow water reefs. These fish are a mainstay of the Gulf Coast fishery, and they are now open for harvest. Cobia is also in season, get ready for some big rod bends. There’s no better time to get out on the water and enjoy some of the best fishing that our area has to offer!

Keys to catching Grouper

We are catching grouper from ten to forty feet of water. The average size of the gag grouper we are catching is between five and ten pounds, with an occasional fifteen pounder mixed in. The key to success has been using live bait, frozen sardines or squid, fished on the bottom. Shrimp has also been working well for those targeting other species such as grunts, porgy, and triggerfish.
Gag Grouper is some of the best table fair that the Gulf has to offer, so be sure to bring some home for dinner. The limit is two per person, with a minimum size of twenty-four inches.
Remember to practice good conservation techniques, such as using a dehooker and venting tools, to ensure the survival of these fish for future generations.

Best time to catch grouper

June is an excellent month to get out on the water and enjoy some of Homosassa’s best fishing. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and wet a line!

July is coming, and with it comes some of the hottest temperatures of the year. But that doesn’t mean the fishing has to suffer. In fact, this can be one of the best months to target a variety of species. As the water warms, fish become more active and can be found in shallower depths where they are easier to catch.

Summer time fishing Homosassa Florida

So what are some of the best fish to target in July? Redfish, snapper, and tarpon are all biting this month. Redfish can be found in the shallowest depths, making them one of the easiest fish to catch in the heat. Snapper are a little deeper, but can still be found in relatively shallow water. Tarpon are one of the most sought-after fish, and they can be found in a variety of depths depending on the time of day.

While you’re out there on the water, be sure to take some time to enjoy the incredible views and wildlife that our area has to offer. From dolphins playing in the wake of your boat, to manatees grazing on seagrass, there’s always something new to see! If it gets too hot, you can always head up to the springs. The fresh water in the springs stays a perfect 72 degrees.

Shallow Water Grouper June Homosassa

Our charters include all bait and tackle, as well as your fish being cleaned and filleted at the end of the trip. Now is the time to book your trip, so give us a call today and let’s go fishing!

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Florida Vacation Fishing Trip

Homosassa Florida is a great place to vacation to. In addition to the world-class fishing, we offer a wide variety of activities and attractions for the whole family. Be sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more information on things to do in Homosassa.

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Tight lines!

So come on down and join us for some fun in the sun! We’ll see you soon!